I wonder what's up with me and strawberries...

Hey everyone!

Another week's starting... and this one I'll certainly work my ass off in this office because I missed some days and I really have to catch everything up!
Anyway, let's see...
The weekend was good!

I left the office on friday and went to a restaurant with some friends... then McDonalds... It was fun! ^^
I did another painting session on my tiny little bedroom and I still didn't finish... I'm getting pretty sick of it! I want it done... I mean NOW!
Mmm, on saturday night I went to Lucas's... had pizzas... played some card games and I created my character to play RPG, it was interesting, I get so "*__*" with those things!

I've been reading the first book of Stieg Larson's Millennium Collection and it's greeeeeaaaaat!!!
And I've been listening to Coldplay a lot! I always liked it, but I only knew the singles... the whole cds are great!

And like I said on the title of the post, I wonder what's up with me and strawberries!
I mean, I'm absolutely crazy about The Beatles's Strawberry Fields Forever and now I'm completely mad about Coldplay's Strawberry Swing! *_______*

"I remember
We were walking up to strawberry swing
I can't wait until the morning
Wouldn't wanna change a thing

People moving all the time
Inside a perfectly straight line
Don't you wanna curve away?
When it's such…
It's such a perfect day
It's such a perfect day"

guess that's it!


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