I wonder what's up with me and strawberries...

Hey everyone!

Another week's starting... and this one I'll certainly work my ass off in this office because I missed some days and I really have to catch everything up!
Anyway, let's see...
The weekend was good!

I left the office on friday and went to a restaurant with some friends... then McDonalds... It was fun! ^^
I did another painting session on my tiny little bedroom and I still didn't finish... I'm getting pretty sick of it! I want it done... I mean NOW!
Mmm, on saturday night I went to Lucas's... had pizzas... played some card games and I created my character to play RPG, it was interesting, I get so "*__*" with those things!

I've been reading the first book of Stieg Larson's Millennium Collection and it's greeeeeaaaaat!!!
And I've been listening to Coldplay a lot! I always liked it, but I only knew the singles... the whole cds are great!

And like I said on the title of the post, I wonder what's up with me and strawberries!
I mean, I'm absolutely crazy about The Beatles's Strawberry Fields Forever and now I'm completely mad about Coldplay's Strawberry Swing! *_______*

"I remember
We were walking up to strawberry swing
I can't wait until the morning
Wouldn't wanna change a thing

People moving all the time
Inside a perfectly straight line
Don't you wanna curve away?
When it's such…
It's such a perfect day
It's such a perfect day"

guess that's it!


and I just wanna listen to your words...

Hey everyone!

Well, this post is going to be separated in two parts... one for the last week and one for this week!

So let's see:


Last week was great... I worked three days only...
On Wednesday I went to Tunnel and that was awesome! I enjoyed it pretty much! ^^
Thursday was Corpus Christi so I didn't go to work... friday was valentine's day and I was supposed to go to work... but I didn't... I mean, come on!!!! It was valentine's day after a holiday!
For Valentine's Day I went to a friend's house... had some pizzas, played some games... I got a great book in a pretty box and chocolates from Lucas! ^^ ended up sleeping there... anyway...
Saturday was kinda boring... just played Resident Evil 5 and read! and then sunday there was the parade wich I thought was fun! It's like the fucking Carnaval, but it's so much better cause it's eletronic music instead of samba... it's the most colorful day of the year so that was good!


It's only tuesday and it's been hell!
I mean, I'm not feeling ok... work's really depressing me...
Remember last post when I said I wanted vacation??? Now I want to quit! I really do!
I don't do it because I'm reaaaaaally thinking about my college plans and I don't want to waste another year... but man, it's been pretty crappy! I feel bad just to walk into the office...

I want to get to college ASAP... and maybe then my life will be on its tracks...

Oh gosh... lucky me I have someone great by my side... without him I don't know how I would be...

guess that's it...


At the Moment: Darren Hayes - Words

"all this feels strange and untrue..."

Just finished another Grey's Anatomy episode... I'm on the 3rd season now!
Mmm, I had to update here...

Let's see what happened since the last post...
I went to the movies again, that movie was great!
Grabbed another starbucks on friday... got a haircut and went out for pizza on saturday!
Painted my room and watched some movies on sunday!

Yeah, that was pretty much it!

This is going to be a rocking week... there's a holiday coming and I'll finish painting the room (finally). Valentine's Day is coming... and the gay parade, wich I'll be attending for the first time!

I've been pretty tired lately... and I don't feel like working at all!
I wanted vacation...

And I've been definitely happy!
It's such a crazy thing when you're in love...
I mean, one day you're living your life normally (and you're bored if you're me because I was kinda workaholic the past few months) and you don't expect nothing from the world you live in because it doesn't show you a thing... and it doesn't give you a reason to keep on believing...
And then, someone appears... and everything seems to make sense...
I may be kinda dreamy about those things...
But it's just that I've been having the best times ever! My heart's peaceful... my mind's in turbo... and I wanted the days not to end... but since they do, I just want another one to start as soon as possible!

"... and I won't waste a minute without you..."

At the moment: Snow Patrol - Open Your Eyes

one whole month...

thank u for filling my heart! s2

"how wonderful life is..."

what a weekend!!!
After a horrible week I had, the weekend had to be perfect!
And it was!!!

Spend the entire weekend side by side with your beloved... there's nothing better than that!
Conversations on friday, movies on saturday, dancing on sunday!

I'm working now and I'm just posting to update here... I must admit I'm not in the mood for big posts...
Life's been pretty perfect! and that's all I'm saying!

At the Moment: Ewan McGregor - Your Song

"... now you're in the world..."

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