break my heart a thousand times and I'll come back for more...

Heeeeeey everyone!!!!

Wow, another week...

It's 1 AM of saturday, and this friday was greaaaaaat!!!

I worked my ass off AGAIN this week but I guess the whole nightmare's over...
Altough I'll work tomorrow again... anyway!

We (Fefa, Wever and I... Gui stayed home =/) were going to attend to this Fefa's friend birthday party at a bar who sounded like a cemetery... so we decided to have some Frappucinos at Starbucks... then we walked til Fnac... it's always interesting...
Then we went to BlackDog to have some vegetarian hot dogs... yummy!!!!

In our way back home, while we were in the subway, I guess someone blew open a fire extinguisher... the whole train was dusty and white!

Here's a pic:

Guess that's it... nothing special for the weekend... I guess I'll just try to finish reading "The Book Thief"... I'm craving for my Beatles biography...
Oh, maybe we're going to the movies... The Unborn... I'll comment here if we do!


At The Moment: This Providence - My Beautiful Rescue (Renovated)

I didn't know how to title this post so I'm using this as an excuse to title the untitled post

Hey everyone!!

Today's saturday already... a week has passed...
A very stressfull one, I may say!!!

Mmm let's see...

I discover I'm in more trouble than I thought... MONEY trouble, if you know what I mean... got involved in some bank stuff that I didn't even know that was happening, but I'll work my way through it... don't really wanna talk about it, it's nothing really serious but it REEEEEEEEALLY pissed me off!!!
I worked my ass off this week again... by the way it's 09:40 AM and I'm working... since 6 AM... ON A SATURDAY!

I played Tomb Raider Underworld and it's AWWWWWWWWWEEEEEESOMEEEEE!!!
I love Tomb Raider, OMFG! My favorite game EVER!

I didn't mention anything but last week I went to FNAC with a friend, and gee, I love that place... I need to earn more money and have a free limit credit card... I'll go nuts!
I saw a Beatles biography while I was there and I was like OMG I NEED THIS!
Soooooo I bought it this week and it's sooooooo beautiful...
I didn't start reading it yet because I borrowed "The Book Thief" from a friend... so I didn't go back to Narnia nor Harry Potter!
But I'm sure that I'll love the biography and I'll dive more and more in my dream world while I'm reading it... and what's going to happen to my mind when I finish it? God only knows...

Panic's back to my weekly top 6 at Last FM, Britney and The Beatles remain there... and also This Providence! Their new CD just came out and it's soooooooooooo sweet!! They changed their style... their lyrics are more melancholic, more deep, more "love trouble"... but I loved it anyway!!!
And even tough I loved the "fuck you" vibe in their previous lyrics, I got addicted to the new album already!

Tonight's another "Friends 4 Ben night" huahuauhahuahua that just came up!
And tomorrow we're probably going to take some pictures in the museum near here!!!

C ya next week!


At The Moment: The Beatles - I Am The Walrus

I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together

a will to see beyond your eyes takes you to the next level...

yes, I consider it the next level... just 1 cm takes to a whole new place...
you feel dizzy, you get worried...
your eyes are heavy and your hands are too far away...
you float as your head gets up there in the clouds...
the television screen starts to shake as silver letters appear in front of you...

you can laugh, it's actually funny!
And it's endearing... lines come out of nowhere and jump right in front of your eyes! multicolor spots on the walls, sometimes magically disappearing when you try to focus on them!
But why focus? There are things everywhere... the window melts and the glass comes to you as you get scared!

You get up and you walk and you feel the floor moving... you shine... you move your arms just to see it standing right where it was before, like an x-ray...

you're actually seeing beyond your eyes and it feels too good to be true!
and the you ask: could it be true?

that question, folks, can only be answered when you get there in that spot again. Cause once you're there, nothing else matters... and you live for the moment!

I can't wait to meet Lucy... in this or any other plan...

you better get off of my back...

It's been a looooooooooooong time!
Sorry for abandoning you and this apologie is for the blog, really... it's my drain...

Anyway, nothing really interesting happened in my absence!
I'm only posting because I was reading a friend's blog and I thought: I think I'll post something!

So here I am!

I got sick, it really brought me down! I'm still recovering but I'm fine!
By the way, I'm fine in a way I haven't for a while!
I'm not in love or anything like I TOUGHT I was in the beggining of this year! I'm really ok with everything!
I've been working my ass off and I have almost NO free time, but that's fine too!
I'm sleeping more than I used to, I'm NOT going out (cause even working over time, I spend too much money and I'm just paying my bills...) but I feel like dancing lately! Maybe this has to do with Britney! Her Circus tour started and she's AMAZING!
I won't bother describing how the tour's like because it's everywhere!

The bedroom's still not done, but at least the chair/bed is already bought! It's a start, right?

Been watching Queer as Folk... and I finished reading Eclipse FINALLY!
Now I'm back to The Chronicles of Narnia!
And I miss Harry Potter sooooo much! I'm thinking about re-reading it for the 9th time! Yes, I really like it!

Musicly speaking, I'm returning to my roots... Lately, Britney is ALL I've been listening... and I think this has to do with the tour too. I gave Panic a break, but yesterday I was listening to the alternate versions from the Live in Chicago album, and that Pretty Odd vibe just got me going and I feel a Panic rush coming over me again! I'm always like that with my main artists... the rush comes and goes! Oh, and there's always The Beatles... talk about sensations!

Last post I said I'd go back to the gym... GUESS WHAT??? I didn't! :S
It's going to wait a couple more months! But I will, I want to get my second tattoo and I won't do it until my arms grow a bit, or I'll have to re-do it too soon!

Oh, I finally got my copy from Tomb Raider Underworld... I think it will get home today! I hope so, I'm dying to play! And today's FRIDAY THE 13TH!!!!! UUUUUHHHHHHHHH!!! Second one of the year!
Today's Resident Evil 5 release date! It's soooooooo awesome... and expensive! It'll have to wait!

Mmm, let's see, I guess that's it!

I'm on my lunch break right now, the weather's kinda hot, and I'm eating a Hersheys bar!!!

c ya!

At the moment: Britney Spears - Don't Go Knockin' On My Door

PS²: the title is a verse of it!

touch me and I come alive


we're only 2 days from Britney's tour!!!!


OMG I'm so excited... I'll probably be offline, but I'm excited anyway!!!

I worked my ass off this last week, so I didn't post anything...
But nothing special happened... This week I'll go back to gym, finally!!!

And I guess that's it!!!


At the Moment: Britney Spears - Ooh Ooh Baby

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