Heeeey everyone!

Well, I'm in my lunch break and I felt like posting...
It's been a while since I don't refresh things here...
Of course you know the most important thing but let's see what else is happening!

Everything for the room is ok... now I just have to set things up!
Mmm I'll go back to college in january only... but I decided to go with Pharmacy! I hope I do good!

I'm not reading a lot lately... but I'll stop the Beatles biography for a bit... I want to re-read Twilight... I'm soooo in the mood for a love story... I wonder why... uauhahuahuauhahua...
I'm watching Grey's Anatomy second season (I watched the first one in two days)... it's absolutely great...
I got Fefa addicted to Gossip Girl... it's soooooo much better than The OC!

Speaking about Gossip Girl, I bought a new cell!!! \o/ Yeeeey, now I have my qwerty keyboard!

I'll probably go back to the gym this week... I'm just checking my bills and all...

Mmm, what else?
This Providence's back on my charts and it developed a whole new meaning in my life!
I already liked Anna Nalick back then but now I'm totally addicted to her songs! and The Red Jumpsuit Aparattus is a band I had never heard of before and Lucas showed me and it's greaaaaaat!!!

Britney's Circus Tour USA's leg is over... now she's going to Europe and NOTHING was even mentioned about a show here... I guess I won't see Britney anytime soon...

Mmm, let's see if something comes up for the weekend!
Guess that's it!!!

PS: thanks for each day!!! s2


At the Moment: Natalie Imbruglia - Intuition

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