stormy weather...

Heeeey everyone!!!

A new week... and what about the past weekend?

BORING! but it was good cause I was with my boo so everything's better!
But we surely did NOTHING...
What the hell was that saturday? I mean, it should be forbiden to rain on saturdays! We rented movies and had ice cream with cake... slept a lot!
And so we did on sunday cause it was SO cold!
My allergies decided to attack me so I'm really pissed off...

Anyway, this week's going to be better!
Harry Potter's 6th movie is premiering and hopefully it will be great... I'm not going to the premiere because I won't be able to catch any of the TWO sessions they're doing at night... so I'll probably hit the movies on saturday!

Can't wait to July 26th!!!! HOPI HARI!!!! *__* HADIKALI!!!! *__*

Guess that's it...
I'm on my lunch break and I want to read a bit before getting back to work!


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