break my heart a thousand times and I'll come back for more...

Heeeeeey everyone!!!!

Wow, another week...

It's 1 AM of saturday, and this friday was greaaaaaat!!!

I worked my ass off AGAIN this week but I guess the whole nightmare's over...
Altough I'll work tomorrow again... anyway!

We (Fefa, Wever and I... Gui stayed home =/) were going to attend to this Fefa's friend birthday party at a bar who sounded like a cemetery... so we decided to have some Frappucinos at Starbucks... then we walked til Fnac... it's always interesting...
Then we went to BlackDog to have some vegetarian hot dogs... yummy!!!!

In our way back home, while we were in the subway, I guess someone blew open a fire extinguisher... the whole train was dusty and white!

Here's a pic:

Guess that's it... nothing special for the weekend... I guess I'll just try to finish reading "The Book Thief"... I'm craving for my Beatles biography...
Oh, maybe we're going to the movies... The Unborn... I'll comment here if we do!


At The Moment: This Providence - My Beautiful Rescue (Renovated)

2 Response to "break my heart a thousand times and I'll come back for more..."

  1. Giuliana says:

    I'm in love with the picture and I'm in love with your night!
    COME ON, GUY! That certainly was perfect!
    there's nothing in the world better than a friend's night!

    love u, :*

    Deecooo says:

    what a big way to improve my english! :DDD hugs!

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