you better get off of my back...

It's been a looooooooooooong time!
Sorry for abandoning you and this apologie is for the blog, really... it's my drain...

Anyway, nothing really interesting happened in my absence!
I'm only posting because I was reading a friend's blog and I thought: I think I'll post something!

So here I am!

I got sick, it really brought me down! I'm still recovering but I'm fine!
By the way, I'm fine in a way I haven't for a while!
I'm not in love or anything like I TOUGHT I was in the beggining of this year! I'm really ok with everything!
I've been working my ass off and I have almost NO free time, but that's fine too!
I'm sleeping more than I used to, I'm NOT going out (cause even working over time, I spend too much money and I'm just paying my bills...) but I feel like dancing lately! Maybe this has to do with Britney! Her Circus tour started and she's AMAZING!
I won't bother describing how the tour's like because it's everywhere!

The bedroom's still not done, but at least the chair/bed is already bought! It's a start, right?

Been watching Queer as Folk... and I finished reading Eclipse FINALLY!
Now I'm back to The Chronicles of Narnia!
And I miss Harry Potter sooooo much! I'm thinking about re-reading it for the 9th time! Yes, I really like it!

Musicly speaking, I'm returning to my roots... Lately, Britney is ALL I've been listening... and I think this has to do with the tour too. I gave Panic a break, but yesterday I was listening to the alternate versions from the Live in Chicago album, and that Pretty Odd vibe just got me going and I feel a Panic rush coming over me again! I'm always like that with my main artists... the rush comes and goes! Oh, and there's always The Beatles... talk about sensations!

Last post I said I'd go back to the gym... GUESS WHAT??? I didn't! :S
It's going to wait a couple more months! But I will, I want to get my second tattoo and I won't do it until my arms grow a bit, or I'll have to re-do it too soon!

Oh, I finally got my copy from Tomb Raider Underworld... I think it will get home today! I hope so, I'm dying to play! And today's FRIDAY THE 13TH!!!!! UUUUUHHHHHHHHH!!! Second one of the year!
Today's Resident Evil 5 release date! It's soooooooo awesome... and expensive! It'll have to wait!

Mmm, let's see, I guess that's it!

I'm on my lunch break right now, the weather's kinda hot, and I'm eating a Hersheys bar!!!

c ya!

At the moment: Britney Spears - Don't Go Knockin' On My Door

PS²: the title is a verse of it!

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