I didn't know how to title this post so I'm using this as an excuse to title the untitled post

Hey everyone!!

Today's saturday already... a week has passed...
A very stressfull one, I may say!!!

Mmm let's see...

I discover I'm in more trouble than I thought... MONEY trouble, if you know what I mean... got involved in some bank stuff that I didn't even know that was happening, but I'll work my way through it... don't really wanna talk about it, it's nothing really serious but it REEEEEEEEALLY pissed me off!!!
I worked my ass off this week again... by the way it's 09:40 AM and I'm working... since 6 AM... ON A SATURDAY!

I played Tomb Raider Underworld and it's AWWWWWWWWWEEEEEESOMEEEEE!!!
I love Tomb Raider, OMFG! My favorite game EVER!

I didn't mention anything but last week I went to FNAC with a friend, and gee, I love that place... I need to earn more money and have a free limit credit card... I'll go nuts!
I saw a Beatles biography while I was there and I was like OMG I NEED THIS!
Soooooo I bought it this week and it's sooooooo beautiful...
I didn't start reading it yet because I borrowed "The Book Thief" from a friend... so I didn't go back to Narnia nor Harry Potter!
But I'm sure that I'll love the biography and I'll dive more and more in my dream world while I'm reading it... and what's going to happen to my mind when I finish it? God only knows...

Panic's back to my weekly top 6 at Last FM, Britney and The Beatles remain there... and also This Providence! Their new CD just came out and it's soooooooooooo sweet!! They changed their style... their lyrics are more melancholic, more deep, more "love trouble"... but I loved it anyway!!!
And even tough I loved the "fuck you" vibe in their previous lyrics, I got addicted to the new album already!

Tonight's another "Friends 4 Ben night" huahuauhahuahua that just came up!
And tomorrow we're probably going to take some pictures in the museum near here!!!

C ya next week!


At The Moment: The Beatles - I Am The Walrus

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