try and pluck the pearl from your bones...

Heeeey everyone!!!

The stuff for the bedroom's all set!!! YEEEEEY!!!
This weekend I'll probably be painting the walls and getting it all done til the furniture arrives!!! Fefa will help me out!!
Nothing special (as usual - I'm getting pretty pissed off that my life's so boring in the moment!) is happening... I'm still working overtime as much as I can... and I spent some money that I shouldn't again, so MORE BILLS... I'll work my way out of this again!!!
Goals for May: my new PC, the bedroom done and the gym!
I dunno if the gym will be possible but I'll do my best, I really want to go back!

I finally downloaded and bought Razia's Shadow A Musical by Forgive Durden... I had never listened to it before but I knew the story since november and it was very interesting... but I didn't find it to download before and now that I did, well I said I bought it, right? It's AWESOME!!!!
Thomas Dutton's sooooo cuuuute!! His voice's amazing!!!
And there are some quotes in the song that OMG, I nearly fainted!

Mmm, guess that's it!!!


At the Moment: Forgive Durden - The Missing Piece

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