call me random...

Yeah, that's what I said to a friend of mine when I told him what I'm about to tell here...

Last week I posted something related to the future, choosing careers and all that!
I mentioned Literature, Math... and I don't remember if I mentioned Bio careers and I'm too lazy to read that again now... but I always wanted to become a doctor!
Since I can't, cause the med schools are always expensive, why not do something related to it?
That's why I've decided to go to Biology! Yeah! \o/
Or Pharmacy, I'm still thinking but definitely it's something like this!!!!

Just can't wait!

Mmm today I'm going to Gui's house for a bit... by the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARKZITO!!!!
Yesterday was his birthday!!

Then I'll meet some Britney fans as usual in the last saturday of the month!


At the Moment: Splender - Space Boy

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