how could I dance with another when I saw her standing there?

Helloooooo everyone!!

Yeah, a post in english today!!!
Last week was ok... nothing too exciting but it wasn't that boring!
I went to the movies on thursday and I watched The Proposal! AWEEEEESOME MOVIE!!!! Loved it... the couple is soooooo HOT! Anyway...
On Friday, I went to McDonalds with Lu and Kenia... we talked a loooot and it was so great! I love just sitting and spilling words!
Mmm, what else... I did absolutely nothing on saturday... until 9 PM!
We went to Tunnel again (after a stop at a friend's house for tequila... I just watched, drinking is not really my thing!)... and it turned out that my favorite club was not that great on that night! We left at 3 AM and went to the market to eat then we came home!
And sunday was very SUNDAY... I just watched Grey's Anatomy 4th season and of course I'm loving it... I finished Desperate Housewives 5th season and it was cool... not my favorite of the show... but it was ok!

Musically speaking... The Beatles just got me going again... and The Beatles: Rock Band is about to be launched and I'll spend a FORTUNE on the game, because unfortunately I live in a country where taxes could feed the whole Africa! Anyway, I'm SO buying it... it's The Beatles for God's sake!

Mmm, let's see... what else? I guess that's it!

Today's a really special day!!! 3 months!!! *__*
Mozziiii, love you soooo much!!! s2
thanks for making me whole!

Now I guess that's it!

see ya everyone!


At the Moment: Let It Be - The Beatles

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  1. Meu mozzi

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