S-C-A-N-D to the A to the L-O-U-S

Heeeey everyone!

Here I am again for an update!
Let's see... the weekend was ok!
I didn't mean to go to clubs twice this weekend but that was what happened!
We went to Tunnel on friday and it was really fun! Altough I got really sleepy by 4... even Radar couldn't wake me up!
Anyway it was fun!
Then I woke at 3 pm on saturday and had no plans until Lu said that we were going to Flexx!
I wasn't really in the mood to go to a club again but I went anyway to be there with him! It was soooooooo fucking cold, OMG! My legs were killing myself!
Sunday I just stayed home... cold weather took away any plan that we could've come up with!

I finished Grey's Anatomy 4th season and already started the 5th! I love it so much!
When I finish it I'll watch True Blood, then The Mentalist, then Gossip Girl's 2nd season and Heroes' 3rd one!
And I listened Anna Nalick and A Fine Frenzy the hell out of me this past week!
I'm really near of making a wish come true!
I don't know why but I always wanted to listen to Natalie Imbruglia and Anna Nalick playing something on my PC in my bedroon... on a saturday of cool weather! Call me dumb...

Now I'm only a week away from my 21st birthday!
My next post will probably be wednesday, september 2nd!
Then I'll tell you guys how it all went!

And now I'm here at work, and I really wanted to be below the blankets with mozzi!

But let's get to work!

Oh, Folkore is aweeeeeesooooooomeeeeee!!!!


At the Moment: Nice Guys Finish Last - Cobra Starship

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