"I'm gonna miss your ways..."

Heeeey everyone!!!

Don't mind the title, it's just a verse of Cartoon Showroom by Dredg... if you don't know this song, make sure to listen to it!!! It's awesome!
It's been a while since I don't update it here, so here I am!!!
And there's a lot to tell...

Let's see... last real post I was talking about the weekend of my birthday's week!
That went GREAT!

On friday, I don't really remember what I did... but I know that I slept at mozzi's and on saturday morning we went downtown so I could pierce myself! Yeah!!! My ear again and also my nipple!!! Call me crazy, that hurt the hell out of me... actually call my boyfriend crazy, he has both nipples pierced!
Anyway, after that dosage of pain (wich I don't like... I prefer the piercings when they're already placed), I went home, slept and we went to the club where I set my birthday "party"! And it went great! The music was awesome, most my friends were there... the place was too crowded and it was reaaaaaaally hot in there... but everything was great! I definitely loved having those people around me in my special "day"! Thank u guys!
On sunday, Lucy visited and it was one of the greatest experiences EVER! Thank you Lucy and thank you Gui, Lauh and Lu!!! I'll keep the details to myself!
Slept all monday, and then I got back to work on tuesday... the week went smoothly... 09/09/09 arrived and The Beatles: Rock Band arrived in the stores too and video reviews started leaking from everywhere and I had no Rock Band to play at home... I was almost drewling from the will to play... anyway...

Friday I got a bit sick... a cold... we went to Gui's and the I slept at mozzi's again... so nice! *__*
When I got home saturday morning, I had the best surprise EVER!
My Rock Band was there waiting for me!!! We were meant to play RPG (wich I'm really looking forward to, altough I think I'll suck at it) but the plans were washed away by The Beatles! We spent the whooooooole afternoon playing it!!!!
It's so awesoooooooooooooooooooooome!!! OMG!
Well, then I got sicker (if that's a word :S) and it was Fefa's birthday!!! Happy Birthday Fefaaaa!!! We went to a club... I wasn't really in the mood, my head was killing myself...
Anyway, sunday we went to the movies... "The Hangover"... nice movie... that's just it!
Yesterday I really was sleepy and not all that recovered from the cold... so I stayed home and played Rock Band the whole afternoon... Mozzi visited and we played some more... then he went to college!
And then today started! My bro's birthday! \o/

About the series I was watching... I finished Grey's Anatomy 5th season... It was SO DAMN FREAKING AWESOME! I cried my eyes out with the season finale!!! I can't wait for the 6th season!
Anyway, I finally started True Blood... I just watched the pilot but I already liked it! I love vampires OMG!

Mmm, let's see... musically speaking, The Beatles are top of my charts lately... I wonder why... huahuauhauuahhu!
Britney's tour better than ever... she won Best Pop video in the VMAs, but she lost all the other categories so it wasn't that great... anyway, Kanye West could ruin his reputation a little bit more in the awards... as if it was possible... and Beyoncé really rocked! in the atitude and the prizes, altough I don't like Single Ladies!

I've been reading Stieg Larson's second book of Millenium Trilogy and I'm LOVING it!!!

I guess that's it!!! I'll post two pics when I get home... one of myself with the Rock Band box and one of my birthday gift!

c ya!


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