Just starting...

Hi y'all!! ^^

I'm Gabriel, a 20-year-old brazilian guy starting his own blog...
I guess this is the 3rd one but, well, I write a lot.

First of all, why write in english? I express myself better.
And why start a blog now?

Well, 2008's gone!!! THANK GOD! What a year!
I guess I experienced a LOT of things I thought I would never do... or never expected to so soon...
I definitely crash the bottom... and although it was a very traumatizing process, I recovered.
I went throught a not necessary job, altough it made me grow and I ended up liking it...
I partied a LOT in the last 3 months of the year... that's not ME definitely... I don't usually go out to party a lot... I'm not saying I don't like it... It's just that I'm not that kind of guy you'll see EVERY WEEKEND in some club... and I'm not the kind of staying home all the time, either... wow, I'm complicated... yeah... that's me!

I did my first tattoo... I said several times that I would NEVER tattoo...
I had a lot of piercings but I never thought about a tattoo because you can take your piercings out if you like... what about a tattoo??? That's forever...
But I chose a really beautiful meaningful sentence... I tattoed "Reinvent Love" on my back... and it's lovely!!! ^^ A verse of Panic At The Disco's Mad as Rabbits. You need to check out the song cause it's great!!!! And you can check the pic in my orkut! ^^

I work in the accountancy business... oh crap, huahuauhuahuhauhahua. No, I don't like it... it's how I pay college, wich by the way I'm not going. Because of that not necessary job, I didn't apply to college in the 3rd semester... But in six months, I'll do. I definitely need to go back to school and get a decent job ASAP.

I'm totally addicted to series... I'm downloading like 6 or 7... I absolutely love it!!!
And I'm into music... MAD about Panic at the Disco and Britney and Paramore and This Providence, and I could spend a whole year writing about bands and singers I like...

I guess that's it to start with. Today's January 3rd, and I'm doing absolutely nothing! :S
At least nothing different.
Watching Desperate Housewives 2nd season, playing Metal Gear Solid 4 and reading New Moon (Twilight really got me going... i loooooove vampires).
I'm back to work on monday so I guess I'll just be as lazy as I can until then.

Well, whoever's reading, this is my first post... It will take a while to let this blog like I want it to be, but I'll do my best! ^^
for my own, because probably my friends will be the ones reading whatever I'll post...
Well, that's it! ^^

At the moment: Panic At The Disco - When The Day Met The Night

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  1. Giuliana says:

    I love when we are just starting a blog.. I had 3 blogs in the past, and man, I miss them so much!
    But I think my atual is kinda of better!

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