... to see if I can catch a dream


Well, it's friiiiiiday everyone!!!!

And you know what I remembered today?
In the last days of 2008, I put the following message in my orkut:

"Throwing a line out to sea to see if I can catch a dream..."

Well, I'm catching a dream, I guess... everything's been really great!!!! ^^

Guess that's it for today folks... I'm working, it still cold altough the sun showed up a bit and tomorrow my parents are back from the beach...


PS: I definitely need to read Eclipse... I'm with the book for a week and i'm still in chapter 5! :S
it's been a distracting week...

At The Moment: Miley Cyrus - Breakout

1 Response to "... to see if I can catch a dream"

  1. Giuliana says:

    I had Eclipse for almost a month and I'm chapter 5 too.. uashuahusa
    I don't have tiime.. thats true !

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