full weekend

This week was great... I had a lot of thoughts, but I'm good with myself...
And I decided to go after a dream of mine that was kinda asleep but never went away...
to become a doctor... or sort of doctor... maybe a vet or a dentist... anyway, I always wanted to do something biological, and I decided to really try.
I'm going back to school... it's actually a prep school... so I can get to USP!
God bless me!

About the title of the post... well, it was supposed to be...

But it all turned out to be kinda boring... for now at least...
It's friday night and right now I was supposed to be in a club, with a friend that I haven't seen for the past 6 years... yeah, it's a looooooooooooooong time. Some money trouble and we couldn't do it... so one more time, it's friday night... and it's raining and I'm home doing absolutely nothing!
In 9 hours I'll be doing a test to a scholarship in the prep school and I hope I get lucky and do fine because I remember NOTHING about the subjects I had at school...

Then, at night, I'll head to the same club I was going to go today with my friends with other friends... and I hope the night to be awesome! ^^

Sunday I'll probably sleep the whole day uhahuahuauhauha!

I guess that's it!!!

C ya!

At The Moment: Joe Anderson - Happiness Is A Warm Gun (Across the Universe OST)

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