permanent monday... mmm, not actually...

For those who don't know, the "Permanent Monday" part of the title is a song by Jordin Sparks... great song, by the way...
And the "mmm, not actually" part because time really flew by today!

Yesterday I was too tired or too lazy to post and saturday I kinda slept all day when I got home!
Mmm, let's see...

I woke up LATE on saturday but I got to the school in time and did the test... it was ok, I guess... I mean, I guess I did fine on portuguese, bio, english and geography... totally screwed up in chemistry and history... and worked my way out of physics and math.
After the test, we went to Starbucks, had some fraps and then I came home and slept aaaaall afternoon.
I woke up, watched Across The Universe (again) with my mom and I cried (again) with my mom crying beside me, huauhauhauhahua...
Then I took a shower, changed clothes, got my hair done and went to Sogo, wich by the way totally surprised me this saturday!!!! It was crowded and the music was greaaaaaaat!!!! I loved it!!!
Got crazy when So What started!!!

Got home when it was about 8 am on sunday, took a shower and most likely passed out in my brother's bed. No, I wasn't sleeping in the same bed that he was; he spent the night in the living room...
Woke up a few hours later, had lunch, tried to sleep a bit more and couldn't because of the fucking hot weather... went to my cousin's birthday party, came back home, and watched Marley & Me with my mom... my mom cried in the end... So did I... again...

And here I am in the office and I have a stomachache and I really wanna go home though I'm thinking of maybe staying here a little bit more...

I guess that's it...


At The Moment: Evan Rachel Wood - If I Feel (Across the Universe OST)

PS: because of the latest "bipolar trouble", posts have been edited... but nothing really important, I feel better doing it! ^^

~~~~~~ Jai Guru Deva om

2 Response to "permanent monday... mmm, not actually..."

  1. aaaaa vai volta pra escolhinha que bunitinho *__________* HSADUDHSIUADSH

    across the universe (LLLLLL)fiquei imaginando minha titia chorando e vc também genten

    beeeeeeeeijos biel, seu blog ta lindo :DDDDDDDDDDD

    Giuliana says:

    Nice, keep going this way !

    Bi, love ya :D

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