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Huhauhahuahuahua yeah, no title, I wasn't even posting tonight but Desperate Housewives 4th season finale made me like OMG!

Mmm, let's see how sunday was...
Watched Desperate Housewives a LOT, made a cake... actually I was meant to make that cake, but my mom stole my role as a cook!

I'm making a list with all my goals in this year, and I'm sure I'll get to accomplish all of them!

Mmm, what more?

Some caps that we believe it's from Brit's tour opening video leaked today and she's totally hot!
Can't wait!! *__*

Guess that's it!

Now I'll shave, take a shower and play some GTA IV... it's been almost a year since the game was released and I didn't finished it yet! So I started it all over!
Speaking about releases, God of War III is going to be AWESOME!!!!
And The Sims 3 is coming next june, I'll make sure to have my new PC by then!
And Resident Evil 5 is 1 month away! My bro can handle that one!

C ya tomorrow if something new come up!

At the Moment: Maroon 5 - Sunday Morning *______*

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